Winter Harvest

You wouldn’t think that there would be much produce about at this time of the year. However, look what has come our way just this last couple of days – hazelnuts, apples, olives, pink peppercorns and medlars (they are not rotting despite outward appearances – they are bletting in readiness for making medlar liqueur). Then there’s the last of the crop of rhubarb that’s about to be turned into sparkling rhubarb.

I’d like to say there were lemons too, from our tree. However, one very determined possum managed to get through the netting and ate almost every single one – not the flesh, just the skin. Very disappointing, but I guess they are hungry (I am trying to be nice here).


One thought on “Winter Harvest

  1. Lesley says:

    Thank you Sally for your inspiring blog. I was thrilled today when the man laying new vinyl in our kitchen, family room and pantry commented on the jams and preserves in the pantry…”enough for a siege!”
    You might be interested to know that we have solved the problem of the plundering possums by stringing solar-powered flashing Christmas lights to deter them from the roses and fruit trees. We’ve had no problems for the last 3 years since we tried that.


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