Watermelon granita

A few weeks ago I bought a large watermelon when it was on special at one of the fruit and vegetable markets.

Of course it was over-ambitious – how can two people eat a whole watermelon after all?

Determined not to waste it, so juiced the flesh. That resulting juice was lovely and sweet. It was poured into 250ml bottles and preserved by the waterbath/Fowlers method. That has made it shelf stable for at least 12 months.

With family here for dinner tonight, and the heat of the evening only a little short of oppressive, I made an old family favourite – watermelon granita. I used to make this often for our children when they were small.

250ml of the watermelon juice + juice of half a lemon, and then prepared by the usual granita method.

Very refreshing as a dessert, while we enjoyed the cool breeze on the front deck.

2 thoughts on “Watermelon granita

    • sallywiseau says:

      I just use fresh fruit juice (if it was lemon juice I would sweeten it with just a little sugar syrup). I pour it into trays to a depth of about 2cm and freeze. As it just reaches freezing point I scrape it with a fork until it fluffs up. I usually place in the freezer one more and then later re-fork it.

      Don’t know if this is the professional method but it works for me – it’s always refreshing and delicious.


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