Apricot and Blueberry Kuchen

Wednesday morning tea platter offering yesterday. Developed a new recipe for the purpose (nothing I like to do better). It's an Apricot and Blueberry Kuchen. It has a coconut/lime, buttery shortcrust base. This was topped with preserved apricot halves and blueberries - set in a baked creamy egg custard (infused with fresh lime). I've had … Continue reading Apricot and Blueberry Kuchen

No-Pastry Egg and Bacon tarts

Early yesterday afternoon friends rang to say they were dropping in for a visit. "Only for a cup of tea though." they said. "Nothing to eat. We're on a pre-Christmas diet, only eating protein and fats, certainly no carbs." Come here and not have a little to eat? Unthinkable, couldn't bear the thought. So here … Continue reading No-Pastry Egg and Bacon tarts

Food twins

Two sets of non-identical twins. Sauerkraut pizzas - one vegetarian, the other with a touch of salami, topped with sour cream, paprika and fresh parsley (the latter taught to me by two lovely northern Italian girls). Anzacs - with time to make only one batch and with the usual dispute over preference for chewy or … Continue reading Food twins