Morello cherries 2020!

It's that time of year again - just look at these beautiful scarlet jewels, Morello cherries. Because we are a little later picking this year, they are bursting with flavour and juice. These were picked today at the property of lovely friends.So ripe and luscious - perfect to be preserved for pies and tarts.

Wednesday morning tea platter offerings

Wednesday morning tea offering today. An experimental banana caramel upside down cake - thankfully it worked out just fine and used up over a kilo of very ripe bananas. For the next course was a Strawberry Chantilly Ice Cream Cake, which I'd made a day or two ago especially to serve as a treat today. … Continue reading Wednesday morning tea platter offerings


I do love a good pie, pretty much any sort, savoury for preference (with the possible exception of apricot, which I adore). They're great for using up leftovers too - a case in point, beef curry pies made for dinner last evening. The filling matched well to the batch of herbed shortcrust pastry I'd made … Continue reading PIES!!