Vanilla Squares with passionfruit icing – the great icing debate

Wednesday morning tea platter was by special request - vanilla squares with passionfruit icing. The dilemma (something akin to the chewy or crispy Anzac debate) - passionfruit pips in the icing OR not? Easily fixed, double the mixture, make two batches, one of each. Not so easily executed with the quantity of custard needing to … Continue reading Vanilla Squares with passionfruit icing – the great icing debate

Baklava “Cigars”

Here is the recipe as  taught to me by Anton Godressi. Baklava “Cigars” This is a great way to enjoy baklava, love this version. The cigar shapes makes the dish easy to portion and eat. 1 packet filo pastry (use the refrigerated version for best results, rather than the frozen) 500g butter, melted - approximately … Continue reading Baklava “Cigars”

Harissa Cake

Here's the much-requested recipe for Harissa Cake - recipe is by Anton Godressi, his family's traditional version.  It's extremely delicious and simple to make. Harissa Cake 2 cups semolina 1 cup desiccated coconut ½ cup sugar 2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda 1½ cups plain yoghurt 1 cup (250g) melted butter ½ cup blanched whole, slivered or … Continue reading Harissa Cake