Cooking at Triabunna – idyllic Tasmanian seaside town

Travelled early this morning up the east coast to Triabunna. Spent a very enjoyable morning cooking with this lovely band of gentlemen. During the class I was introduced to a wonderful, flavoursome, pure salt of the region, even received a gift of a packet. It had to be done, might be a while before I … Continue reading Cooking at Triabunna – idyllic Tasmanian seaside town


Spring wattles in the Valley

Here at sunny Molesworth the wattles are blooming, such a beautiful sight. Every which way you look, up the road and down and everywhere all around, there's a blaze of bright yellow flowers, simply stunning.    


Going bananas here. Found a bagful of over-ripe specimens on a specials table at a fruit market. First - a banana cake for the Wednesday morning tea platter. Cream cheese icing of course, but a bit rich for some maybe? Therefore drizzled it with some preserved passionfruit pulp to counteract that factor. As for the … Continue reading Bananas!