Coffee Cake – recipe

I had a very dear friend ask me last week if I had a coffee cake recipe I could share with them. Unthinkable - I didn't!! Shame on me. I make coffee cream biscuits and my grandmother's little coffee patty cakes but that's it. I remember I'd always hesitated to make a large cake as … Continue reading Coffee Cake – recipe

Homemade Pasties

Homemade Pasties Homemade shortcrust pastry is by far the tastiest option (see recipe below) or you can substitute 3 sheets of ready rolled puff or shortcrust pastry, thawed. The recipe will make 8 to 12 pasties, depending on the size of the pastry circles. Shortcrust Pastry 250g plain flour ¼ teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon … Continue reading Homemade Pasties


So at the end of the day, the pasties were cooked for dinner. Made especially tasty by freshly dug Derwent Valley potatoes and swede. The pastry? I'd recommend anyone make their own butter - makes so much difference to the crust. A family favourite of decades, always tasty and economical, using only 250g beef mince … Continue reading Pasties