Cooking School

For all Class Enquiries Contact: or 0408 569 423

For class calendar and topics, see below, followed by class descriptions and costs.

Private group classes a specialty – get a group of friends together (4 to 8) and come along to a class of your choice – or a specially tailored, combined topic session.

If there are any topics that you would like but are not listed, please feel free to let me know and I will set up a session to cater for this.

Every person who attends a class will enjoy tastings as the class progresses as well as a generous morning tea.  In fact, it’s advisable not to eat too much breakfast before you come along. Everyone always leaves here very full indeed.

Classes are 4 hours duration (9am till 1pm) unless otherwise specified. 


DATE                            CLASS

January 4th      Preserves – jams, cordials, chutneys

February 1st      Bottling the Fruits of the Season

March 22nd       Making and Baking Yeast Goods

April 11th           Building a Wood Fired Oven, Pizza and Brewing

May 2nd             Slow Cooking

(More classes to be listed soon)


Easy Cheese Making – $190 

Learn to make a variety of simple cheeses and learn how to use them in everyday cooking.

Family FavouritesMeals and More – $200 

Learn to prepare easy dishes that will be popular with all the family.

Preparing a High Tea – $200 

Learn how to prepare sweet and savoury treats for a High Tea celebrations.

Preserving – jams, cordials and chutneys – $200

In this session learn how to make easy jams, pickles, chutneys and cordials.

Bottling the Produce of the Season – $200

Learn how to bottle fruit and vegetables of the season by a range of preserving methods – from the Fowlers style bottling of fruit to pickling vegetables in delicious spiced vinegars.

Making and Baking Yeast Goods – $180
This session shows how simply and quickly bread can be made.  A range of sweet and savoury bread products are made during this class.

Slow Cooking  – $220 

In this session several dishes will be prepared to show the scope of your everyday slow cooker, from soups to main courses to stunning desserts and cakes.

Gluten Free Cooking – $190

An array of gluten free foods will be prepared, from everyday dishes to baked goods such as biscuits and cakes that are very bit (and more) delicious than their gluten-soaked counterparts.

Gifts from the Kitchen – $200 

In this class we will make a variety of edible treats that are ideal for gifts for special occasions.

Spanish Cooking – $200

Exploring the flavours and dishes of Spain.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking  – $200

A large variety of tasty vegetarian dishes and sides are prepared in this class, with a strong focus on using seasonal produce and pulses.  Vegan dishes are also prepared in this class.

Building a Wood Fired Oven, Home Brewing and Pizza Making- $240  (5 hour class)

Spend a day with the Wises, with discussion and instruction about building a bread or pizza oven.  Brewing simple homemade beers is also part of the programme for this class.   Pizza made scratch, from dough to preparing delectable toppings, and finally cooking them in Herman, the wood fired oven that husband Robert built.

(NOTE:  It is important to confirm your attendance at a class you have booked into the week of that class.)


179 Wyre Forest Road, Molesworth, Tasmania 7140

To enquire or make bookings:
Email :
Phone : 0408 569 423

How to get here

If travelling from Hobart, follow the Brooker Highway until you come to Granton.  Keeping to the left side of the river, drive about 10 to 15 minutes more until you reach the small township of Sorell Creek (just before New Norfolk).

Turn left here (the road to Molesworth) and travel for a few kilometres until you see Collins Cap Road on the right.  Follow this road for about 700 metres more – you will see Wyre Forest Road on the left.   We are number 179, clearly marked with the cooking school sign.

If you are coming from New Norfolk – at Sorell Creek, turn right into the road to Molesworth.  Follow this road until you see Collins Cap Rd on the right, turn up here and after about 700 metres turn left into Wyre Forest Rd.

We are about 30 minutes from Hobart CBD or 7 to 10 minutes from New Norfolk.

27 thoughts on “Cooking School

  1. Heather says:

    Hello, I am interested in joining a class while holidaying in Tasmania. I assume as well as learning how to make the dishes, the class also includes copies of the recipes. Could you please confirm. Thanks, Heather


  2. Teena Webb says:

    Hello just wondering if there are any vacancies for the bottling the fruits of the season on the 20th Jan if so I would like a spot thankyou. Teena


  3. Sandra White says:

    Hello Sally, do you have any idea of classes for 2019 as yet? I’m living in Brisbane and want to come to Tassie for holiday next year. Hope to do your Preserving jams & Bottling fruits of the season classes but would need them close together (eg 2 or 3 weeks apart). Could do one, go travelling, then be back for the 2nd class. Very flexible with month as have nothing planned as yet. Do you think this is possible? Thanks for reply. Sandie
    PS: Love your books. Discovered you when the library had your ‘A year on the Farm’ on display. Caught my eye and I have been addicted ever since.


    • sallywiseau says:

      Hi Sandra – so pleased you like the books. The only class planned s far is a bottling (fruit) class on the first Saturday in February. Certainly I could schedule a class that would encompass making jams, pickles and so on. Would that be ok? I would probably set a class for that in late-ish January when the fruit is in abundance and in its prime. Best wishes, Sally


  4. rosie freeman says:

    Hi Sally just wanted to send you a line to say HELLO . With the smell of PLUM WOCESTERSHIRE SAUCE wafting as I write . Thank you for all your recipes year after year we use produce from the garden to make fantastic flavoured products in the pantry . .This time of the year is the busiest I try something new in foods each year . I love that you inspire me and i will write a recipe book for each of my children with loving thoughts to go with it
    Thanks again Rosie freeman


  5. Ross (ROSCOE) Thomas says:

    Hi Sally
    Is there any space left for your course on Bottling the produce of the Season to be held on Jan 23rd.
    Will you be the person doing the teaching on the day ?

    Cheers Ross (ROSCOE) Thomas


    • sallywiseau says:

      Hi Roscoe – apologies for the delay us replying to you.

      Yes, I am the one teaching the cooking class.

      As we discussed, to get here best not to use GPS directions, which will lead you on a long and winding route through the hills behind us.

      Travel this following way instead, which will get you here with no issues at all:

      Coming from Hobart, travel out along the Brooker Highway until you come to Granton. Keeping to the left side of the river, drive about 10 to 15 minutes more until you reach the small township of Sorell Creek (just before New Norfolk).

      Turn left here (the road to Molesworth) and travel for a few kilometres until you see Collins Cap Road on the right. Follow this road for about 700 metres more – you will see Wyre Forest Road on the left. We are number 179, clearly marked with the cooking school sign.

      Travel time from Hobart CBD is about 35 minutes.



  6. Rosanne ward says:

    Hi Sally I am interested in Gluten free baking and was wondering if you have a course running at all this year.? We spoke on the phone re biscuit base but still have not perfected it to last a week!!


    • sallywiseau says:

      Hi Roseanne – I have good news for you. Today, on the cooking class page, I put up a potential Gluten free class for June 29th. It looks like it will definitely go ahead as already I have some bookings conformed. Let me know if you would like to come to this class. Regards, Sally


  7. Ross Thomas says:

    Hi Sally
    With the cheese making class can you tell me the types that are covered and if my favourite being Pecorino is one of the cheeses or is it just too complicated for a one morning class.
    Cheers Roscoe
    PS My Italian mate tells me my Focaccia is better than his. Go you good teacher you ! 😂


      • Ross Thomas (Roscoe) says:

        Oh nooo Sally, I told my wife I would take her up to the high country that weekend and we have changed our lives to fit it in so I am very sorry Sally, you know the saying “happy wife etc”.Thanks for thinking of me though. I also want to do the next out door oven, beer making etc course
        Cheers Roscoe


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