Chilli Time on a Chilly Morning

A warming sight on a rainy winter's morning. Why? Because I was recently asked if I could develop a recipe for a shelf-stable chilli paste. I don't know really, but I'll give it a red hot go (pardon the pun). Step 1 = remove seeds and dehydrate the chillies' flesh. Note to self - next … Continue reading Chilli Time on a Chilly Morning

A Little Vegan Baking

I love it when vegan-minded people come to visit, as was the case today. It gives me a reason to experiment, adapt, convert and expand some of my recipes and even more enjoyable, invent new ones. This morning - sticky multi-fruity, glistening vegan muffins containing apple (pureed as a substitute for the egg), banana, blueberries … Continue reading A Little Vegan Baking

Leeks and Parsnips

There's not much growing in the garden at present, the frosts have been quite severe.   Leeks are the exception - they are absolutely thriving. Matched to delicious local parsnips, there's bound to be a soup in that somewhere.....