Poppy’s operation

Poor Poppy puppy had to have an operation on her leg and spent the night at the vet surgery under observation and pain relief. It's a tight little family of animals here and Rosie, the abominable tabby, fretted for Poppy terribly. Usually they sit on Robert's lap together for hours each evening. Rose refused to … Continue reading Poppy’s operation


Date and Orange Ring – Yeasted Cake

Wednesday morning tea today. I decided to bake the Date and Orange Ring from my book "Sweet!" I do wish sometimes I'd just stick to the recipe as I'd first invented it. But no. With a glut of dates in the pantry, and limes, lemons and tangelos aplenty I couldn't resist making about a quadruple … Continue reading Date and Orange Ring – Yeasted Cake


Going bananas here. Found a bagful of over-ripe specimens on a specials table at a fruit market. First - a banana cake for the Wednesday morning tea platter. Cream cheese icing of course, but a bit rich for some maybe? Therefore drizzled it with some preserved passionfruit pulp to counteract that factor. As for the … Continue reading Bananas!