Email address

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my gmail seems to have crashed.  Could anyone who emailed me from May 8th onwards (and anyone else from now on),  please contact me on the following email until the issue is sorted.  : Alternatively, phone or text 0408 569 423 Thanks Sally


Apologies for the scarcity of blogs of late, but we have been away, visiting Fiji and its wonderful, hospitable people. Lots of inspiration for food ideas also. It's difficult to capture the beauty of the islands in a photo, but here is one I love, from my favourite stopover in Savu Savu. More later...

High Tea Class

The lovely people in the class this morning rustled up a little High Tea together. Good company, some small bite sized treats of the sweet and savoury kind, made for a most enjoyable morning for Robert (chief washer-upper) and I……

Hops of the Valley

Foraged fresh today from the banks of the Derwent River – wonderful organic hops! Robert has spent the morning most productively. There’s more than enough for making yeast for the bread during the months to come, as well as ample for brewing the beer. The aroma is astounding incidentally…..