Raspberry Pips? Yes Please!!

I was given a couple of buckets of strained off fresh raspberry pips, a by-product of a food business' making coulis. In actuality it was destined for the menagerie here, or the compost heap A few hours afterwards I noticed a smallish amount of luscious scarlet liquid had risen to the top of the pips. … Continue reading Raspberry Pips? Yes Please!!

Plum Royalty – Greengages!

Plum royalty - more than 20kg greengages fresh picked from daughter Stephanie's tree. There were pears too (also organically grown), a gift from a friend of a friend - about 10 kilos in all. A day of fast track and intense bottling ensued in the cooking school kitchen, but well worth the effort. All are … Continue reading Plum Royalty – Greengages!

Morello cherries 2020!

It's that time of year again - just look at these beautiful scarlet jewels, Morello cherries. Because we are a little later picking this year, they are bursting with flavour and juice. These were picked today at the property of lovely friends.So ripe and luscious - perfect to be preserved for pies and tarts.