The Menagerie- some of them at least

It's lovely to watch the farm pets here each day. Every one of them has their own personality and set routine. Mother hen (Penny) is very clever. She has struck up a friendship with Molly the duck, who in turn protects her precious chicks from the Currawongs. It's been a good strategy as all of … Continue reading The Menagerie- some of them at least

Rhubarb time again!

Spent a lovely morning at taking a cooking class at Triabunna yesterday One of the lovely men in the class brought along some sensational rhubarb, absolutely huge - what we didn't use I was able to bring home. Today for the morning tea platter, just had to be rhubarb based. Rhubarb batons were duly oven … Continue reading Rhubarb time again!

Vanilla Squares with passionfruit icing – the great icing debate

Wednesday morning tea platter was by special request - vanilla squares with passionfruit icing. The dilemma (something akin to the chewy or crispy Anzac debate) - passionfruit pips in the icing OR not? Easily fixed, double the mixture, make two batches, one of each. Not so easily executed with the quantity of custard needing to … Continue reading Vanilla Squares with passionfruit icing – the great icing debate

Harissa Cake

Here's the much-requested recipe for Harissa Cake - recipe is by Anton Godressi, his family's traditional version.  It's extremely delicious and simple to make. Harissa Cake 2 cups semolina 1 cup desiccated coconut ½ cup sugar 2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda 1½ cups plain yoghurt 1 cup (250g) melted butter ½ cup blanched whole, slivered or … Continue reading Harissa Cake