Power-less at Molesworth – no problem!

No power here this morning. Missed, that is didn't receive, the memo to inform us that this was going to happen. Apparently we will be power-less until 3.30pm. It's very cold and foggy outside, swirling right up around the front verandah, but no problem in the house - Hester has the kettle on the boil … Continue reading Power-less at Molesworth – no problem!


African Horned Melons of the Derwent Valley

I love it when unusual produce crosses my path, so was delighted when I was given a box of African Horned Melons (Kiwano). Challenge - what to do with them? The flesh is astounding, mild flavoured and mildly evocative of citrus. A curd then, as a first port of call.   Oh my goodness! Delicious, … Continue reading African Horned Melons of the Derwent Valley

The Happy Ferments

A lovely sight on a on a cold and foggy morning - sample containers of three separate ferments bubbling away nicely - Sauerkraut, sparkling elderflower and sparkling jostaberry.

The Mist Returns

This morning - the first of the season's wonderful mists of Molesworth. It sweeps up around our house, then retreats again to the hills, usually several times, before clearing to a lovely sunny day. Magical.