Did the stinging nettle rennet work? Oh my goodness YES!! I am ecstatic! Here is a photo of the curds forming and of the finished product (nettle-feta). This block is about 12cm high, wonderful yield from the milk.


The nettle feta actually even turned out well, even the first batch, the second, currently being made, should be even better. I would post a photo, if only I could make the computer and camera talk to each other today, no cooperation there at present. Still (and of this I do have photos) a couple … Continue reading Cumquats

Vegetarian/Vegan class vacancy

This Saturday, 18th August there is a Vegetarian class here in our cooking school. Vegan dishes will also be prepared during the class. Two spaces have become available if anyone would like to attend.  If so, best way to contact me is to email

Anadama Bread

People are very generous and often give me old cookbooks for which they no longer have a need. I really enjoy reading though them, the older they are the better. Above all else, I love baking bread so always peruse the yeast cookery sections first. Often the recipes are accompanied by anecdotes or prose that … Continue reading Anadama Bread