Straight from Sally’s kitchen to your’s! Browse her no-nonsense sweet and savoury recipes, as well as some handy tips and tricks for trying it yourself at home.


Boost your baking prowess with help from Sally Wise’s easy and delicious bread recipes.

Gluten Free

Who says gluten-free food needs to taste bland? Sally Wise helps you whip up the most delicious breads, cakes and desserts without any gluten whatsoever!

Jams, Preserves and Syrups

Sally shares some of her favourite recipes for turning fruit into a dazzling variety of jellies, jams, preserves, conserves and cordials.


Sally Wise’s best recipes for adding that irresistible punch of flavour to any meal.


What’s on Sally’s winter menu? Soups, of course! Be inspired by her seasonal warmers and hearty stews.


Pasties, patties, potato bake, pulled pork and more. Sally shares some of her favourite savoury dishes.


For those who love their veggies, Sally offers a bunch of great dishes that showcase them beautifully.