Winter preserving?

If anyone was ever tempted to think that preserving is only a summer activity, time to think again.  It can easily be almost equal to summer in the preserving of earthy winter vegetables plus zesty, tangy  citrus fruits and many more besides. I've just made a tub full of sauerkraut with fresh, organically grown, crispy … Continue reading Winter preserving?

Lemon Curd

I am giving two recipes for lemon curd here, one containing sugar and the other sugar-free. The latter was by special request by a person with diabetes. Lemon Curd – with sugar I don’t always ad the lemon rind to the lemon curd as I think it gives a slightly gritty texture.  On the other … Continue reading Lemon Curd

Fruit Jellies

I have made it my mission today to make a range of fruit jellies.    I have so many requests for spreads that don't contain pips, seeds or skins by people who have diverticular disease or similar, or even people who have false teeth - truly. Quite apart from any dietary or dental considerations, jellies are … Continue reading Fruit Jellies


Does anyone else have a glut of plums I wonder.  It's that time of year.  I've been lucky enough to get greengages, that wonderful plum with an exquisite flavour like no other.  I preserved quite a lot over the last week or so and made a batch of jam, and now I'm looking for more.  There … Continue reading Plums