Plums, pears, tomatoes, basil and crabapples

This week has been incredibly fruit-full, literally.  Despite the chill in the air that feels like autumn rather than summer, I've been able to access excellent tomatoes and basil.  I've made three types of chutney and have tomato segments processing to semi-dried in the oven and dehydrator.  They will later today be dipped in vinegar, then covered with … Continue reading Plums, pears, tomatoes, basil and crabapples

Basil Pesto

I think I can smell autumn in the air.  I know it’s still summer and we’ll get some scorching hot days, but the evenings are drawing in just a little, and there’s a refreshing nip in the air in the morning.  In my opinion, this is the best time of year.  Today is typically clear … Continue reading Basil Pesto