Going bananas here. Found a bagful of over-ripe specimens on a specials table at a fruit market. First - a banana cake for the Wednesday morning tea platter. Cream cheese icing of course, but a bit rich for some maybe? Therefore drizzled it with some preserved passionfruit pulp to counteract that factor. As for the … Continue reading Bananas!


Inaugural Literary High Tea at Glen Derwent

The inaugural Literary High Tea was held yesterday afternoon in New Norfolk at Glen Derwent colonial property. Much respected Meg Keneally was the guest author. During her excellent presentation, she related true stories of a number of convict characters, with a special focus on Mary Bryant. She also spoke about (my personal favourite convict) William … Continue reading Inaugural Literary High Tea at Glen Derwent


Did someone say Halloumi? Yes, an ABC listener did yesterday. I've been longing to make it ever since. With 8 litres of milk (pasteurised, not homogenised) in the fridge needing to be used one way or another, I've succumbed to temptation and two batches of Halloumi are on the go. The basis of dinner tonight? … Continue reading Halloumi