Lavender and Chillies

What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Forage through the freezer, yielding almost 4 kilos of long forgotten red chillies. Match that to the Tasmanian grown ginger I was given recently, and the last of our home grown garlic = 8 batches of sweet chiili sauce. Thought I might as well finish making quince … Continue reading Lavender and Chillies


Tasmanian Native Pepperberries and Quinces

Time to harvest the Pepperberries - we estimate there are at least 3 buckets full. We are just picking the clusters and leaving the rest for the tiny birds. Robert included some in a wet hop beer brew yesterday. We will see how that goes. After all, chilli beer is good so this is only … Continue reading Tasmanian Native Pepperberries and Quinces