Molesworth Winter Morning

It's a very cold and frosty morning here - still a way to go before it all melts. First chore of the day - feed the animals. I always have a slow cooker of barley cooking to a porridge overnight, warms their tummies first thing in the morning. It's mixed with the rest of their … Continue reading Molesworth Winter Morning


A Glorious Winter Day in Tasmania with Matt and Poh

Recently on one of those glorious golden, crisp Tasmanian winter days - time spent with these wonderful people doing what I Iike to do best - cooking up a storm in a warm and cosy country kitchen. Video and article about that truly memorable day can be found at:        

Wednesday’s platter

The making and baking of this week's Wednesday morning tea platter. Always a favourite, this raspberry coconut slice. A good choice too because I had some leftover egg whites, a batch of (until today) frozen sweet shortcrust pastry and half a large jar of raspberry jam.

The juice

Day 3 of apple processing and now the juice is all preserved. The cooking school is finally cleaned up again, with slow cookers lined up for an upcoming class. Now just four buckets of apples to peel, core and puree then preserve and we're done - except maybe for a minor experiment or two with … Continue reading The juice