ABC Jams and preserves talkback to day – recipes

Three recipes were requested by people this morning - cherry plum chilli sauce, Asian-style plum sauce and Jostaberry cordial. With the cordial syrup, I have also included instructions that apply to berries of all sorts and also blackcurrants. Cherry Plum Sweet Chilli Sauce Ingredients 500g cherry plums, weight with stones removed, chopped 220g long red … Continue reading ABC Jams and preserves talkback to day – recipes


Today's bounty - this time a gift from another friend - lots of lovely ripe loquats. I just tasted one - what an under-rated fruit they are!! Now, how to best preserve them - make some jam and then bottle the rest. At the end of the day, here below are the loquats preserved so … Continue reading Loquats!!

Cherry Plums

A marvelous gift from a lovely friend yesterday - a big jam pan full of cherry plums. With these I will make cherry plum jam (one of my favourites), cordial syrup and perhaps even a batch of natural ferment sparkling plum drink. Come to think of it, definitely a savoury plum sauce must be made. … Continue reading Cherry Plums