Boost your baking prowess with help from Sally Wise’s easy and delicious bread recipes.

Beer or Stout Bread

Sally shows you how to make a batch of bread out of the beer or stout left in your fridge.

Herman the German Bread

Sally loves the idea of the Herman the German plant, so she’s been experimenting with recipes that showcase it.

Homemade Bread

Sally loves everything about creating her own homemade baked goods – the making, the smell and not to mention, the eating.

Oat Bread

Always stuck with leftover cooked porridge? Don’t bin it just yet. Try Sally Wise’s oat bread dough instead.

Overnight Wholemeal Bread

A very handy recipe – tasty, delicious and healthy, plus you can do it in your sleep. Literally!

Rye Bread with Spelt

Experiment with different loaves and put those ancient spelt grains to good use with Sally’s simple recipe.

Sally’s Easy Bread

It doesn’t get any easier than Sally’s no-fuss bread loaf recipe. Try it for yourself.


A step-by-step guide to making both wheat flour sourdough and the gluten-free variety.

Turkish Breads

Sally shows you how to bake your own Turkish bread and stuff it with a variety of fillings.