Jams, Preserves and Syrups

Sally shares some of her favourite recipes for turning fruit into a dazzling variety of jellies, jams, preserves, conserves and cordials.

Apricot Jam

This jam need not only be spread, it can be added to curry, used to flavour ice cream, or teamed with shortbread in the place of raspberry.

Banana Jam

Sally Wise’s gorgeous banana jam recipe is the perfect spread for your breakfast toast.

Bottled Plums

A great idea for those with a glut of plums at their disposal.

Fruit Jellies

Apart from any dietary or dental considerations, jellies are outstandingly tasty. The yield may not be as good as jam, but the flavours are intensified. 

Greengage Jam

This is the best way to capture the flavour of greengage in a bottle.  

Lemon Curd

Take your pick of two lemon curd recipes: one for those with a sweet tooth and the other, sugar-free.

Loganberry Jam

Loganberries make the most wonderful jam, so if you are fortunate enough to have them take note of this recipe.

Pineapple Cordial Syrup

Pineapples are ripe, juicy and ideal in cordial syrup. Here is a recipe that requires minimal effort for maximum reward.

Preserving Pears

The best way to deal with an abundance of pears is the Sally Wise way: bottle them!