Yoghurt Cheese

A simple way to make your own cheese using the leftover yoghurt in your fridge.

1 litre Greek yoghurt

Juice 1 small lemon

2 teaspoons salt

1½ tablespoons olive oil

Olive oil, extra

Combine yoghurt, lemon juice, salt and olive oil in a bowl and mix well.

Rinse a piece of muslin in boiling water. Drain, allow to cool, then lay it out, double thickness, in a large colander in a bowl. Pour yoghurt mixture into this, and tie top to form a bag. Hang this bag over the bowl and leave for 2 days in a cool place. If you live in a warm climate, or in summer in cooler climates, this may need to take place in the fridge.

Roll the resulting yoghurt cheese into walnut sized balls and place in a sterilised 1 litre jar. Cover with extra olive oil, making sure there are no air pockets). Seal and store in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks.

NOTES:  when you take some of the cheese out to serve, be sure that the remaining portion in the jar stays covered completely with oil or the exposed portion will quickly go mouldy.  This even applies to  smears of cheese on the inside surface above the oil level as well.

Also – the oil may solidify slightly in the fridge.  Just remove an hour or so before serving time and it will liquefy again.  Alternatively, use light olive oil, which is less inclined to do so, or another oil altogether, such as rice bran.  However, the more flavoursome the oil you use, the better the cheese will be.