Home-made Vanilla Ice Cream

Try this home-made creamy vanilla ice cream recipe made from wonderful Tasmanian milk and cream – perfect.

I have bought an ice cream machine – well, to be quite frank, two of them.  The first I purchased is the sort where you need to freeze the insert.  The other, bought in a sale at huge reduction in price (this is how I justify the expense of such indulgence), has its own compressor.  Both are good, the second is great.

Recently I came across Ashgrove butter and it was absolutely delicious. I ordered quite a bit from the farm to use in cooking classes here, but along with it a large amount of cream, milk and buttermilk – rather more than a bit too much.

With the ‘use by’ date fast approaching and determined not to waste it, I decided that it was time to put the ice cream machines through their paces. The one with the insert that needs to be frozen was soon out of the picture, but the other chugged on for hours.  It only makes a litre at a time so it was a bit protracted but that was ok.  I used buttermilk in some, and in other cases the Ashgrove pasteurised milk, along with the cream.  The whole milk gave the better result by way of texture and smoothness,  but the flavour of the buttermilk is really nice.

As the process went on longer, my recipe became simpler.  As you will see  below, I add golden syrup as this helps to stop the unpleasant ice crystals forming.  The vanilla bean paste soon ran out but the vanilla extract was a fair substitute.  Now I have a freezer full of delicious creamy ice cream,  which is a boon to desserts for the next little while.

Home-made Vanilla Ice Cream

This amount of ingredients is suitable for a 1 litre capacity ice cream machine .  If you have a 2 litre capacity model, simply double the ingredients and churn for longer (it usually takes about 40 minutes in this case).

¾ cup milk or buttermilk

1½ cups cream

½ cup sugar

2 teaspoons golden syrup

½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract

Place all ingredients into a bowl or jug and whisk until combined, then pour into the pre-chilled ice cream machine.  You will find that they don’t  mix together entirely,  but that’s ok as the ice cream machine finishes this off for you.  Churn for about 30 minutes.

Spoon into ice cream containers or trays and place in freezer.  If your containers have no lids, cover the surface closely and tightly with cling wrap.