The Monster in my Fridge and Lemon Curd

Seems there’s a monster lurking in my fridge – looks for all the world like this lump of dough has grown eyes and a nose.

This was just a random cupful or so of leftover pizza dough I’d placed in the fridge, not wanting to waste it, last Saturday. I’d actually forgotten about it.

I decided to use half of it now to rise my Everyday bread. The remainder was put back in the fridge for another time, probably should feed it a little flour and water to keep it alive and kicking.

Later in the day ….. the bread worked out well!

While it rose and baked, and with the luxury of the multi-tasking wood heater (Gourmet Cooker), I also made a quadruple batch of lemon curd (extracted from recipe on page 96 of “The Comfort Bake”).

One batch takes just a short time, a quadruple batch is ambitious.

More than a little mess was created in the process and took a while but SO delicious it was worth every skerrick of effort. It was all I could do not to eat it by the spoonful from the jar.

As is customary here, the lemon skins are now in the wood heater’s oven drying out. They will make excellent fire lighters in the days and weeks to come.

My fridge monster, spooky!
Lemon curd cooking on top of the wood heater.
The finished bread and lemon curd
Lemon skins ready to go into the wood heater’s oven to dry out