Pickled Onions

It's the time of year when pickled onions are readily available.  Pickling them is a simple process and they keep for months in a vinegar solution, always at the ready to serve on a cheese platter or ploughman's lunch.  There are few things more warming in winter than a bowl of steaming hot soup and … Continue reading Pickled Onions

Winter preserving?

If anyone was ever tempted to think that preserving is only a summer activity, time to think again.  It can easily be almost equal to summer in the preserving of earthy winter vegetables plus zesty, tangy  citrus fruits and many more besides. I've just made a tub full of sauerkraut with fresh, organically grown, crispy … Continue reading Winter preserving?

Kangaroo Patties

This morning when I visited the supermarket there was kangaroo mince, lovely and lean, on special no less.  Of course this provided the ideal opportunity to make kangaroo patties. Up until recently I've been a bit timid about eating game-type meats as I disliked the strong flavour of patties I'd tried about 20 years ago … Continue reading Kangaroo Patties

Lemon Curd

I am giving two recipes for lemon curd here, one containing sugar and the other sugar-free. The latter was by special request by a person with diabetes. Lemon Curd – with sugar I don’t always ad the lemon rind to the lemon curd as I think it gives a slightly gritty texture.  On the other … Continue reading Lemon Curd