Gooseberries (or, no curtains at Christmas)

Just before Xmas I tore down the very old curtains in the lounge room and vowed to go to Spotlight to buy more before the visitors of Xmas.  When we arrived there, Robert said he was going to buy a Mercury – I was furious because I really wanted his help.  I was pretty disinterested in the whole curtain thing as it was.  However, buy the paper he did, and came back reading it; I was not impressed.  Then he said “Look, here’s an advert for Gooseberries for sale.”    That was it – I literally dropped the curtains, rang the given number, then abandoned the notion of curtains altogether and raced to the North Hobart house, where we bought a mere 10 kilos, absolute beauties.  So,  no lounge room curtains for Christmas – decided that could wait until later.  Goodness only knows what visitors thought – by any sane person’s assessment, our placement of priorities is seriously askew.

Perhaps however people may change their minds if they saw these gooseberries – they were beyond magnificent.  I exaggerate not when I say that some were almost half the size of a ping-pong ball, the best of the best of Tasmanian produce.  Alistair made use of 5 kilos of them.  In his shop, Sweet Envy, they very soon were presented in his exquisite Gooseberry and Lemon Curd Ice Cream.  I used some in a demonstration at the Taste Festival and of course several gooseberry pies were made here at home and shared around the family.

I shall be a very happy person indeed if I can get my hands on a great number more next season and will certainly hold them in suspended animation in preserving bottles to last through the winter.

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