Tamarilloes – to peel or not to peel

Recently I received a comment on my blog regarding whether it is advisable to peel tamarilloes before using to make jelly.  I have never done so, as I love the earthiness of the tannin in the skins.  I have always used the dark fleshed variety with the bright red flesh. 

Since receiving the comment I have underaken some research; the results vary – some sources specify to peel the tamarilloes before using, others don’t require that this be done.

Whether or not you decide to peel them is a matter of personal taste and convenience.  If you do choose to do so, dip them in boiling water and then in cold and the skins should slip of relatively easily.

If you do choose to peel them, keep in mind that with the loss of the skin in the mixture, the pectin level will drop significantly so the jelly will take quite a bit longer to reach setting point.

In summary, the peeling of tamarilloes is not abslolutely necessary for making jelly, depending on your taste, but they should be peeled for making jam or chutney.

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