Gluten free Beer?

Unfortunately when a person is diagnosed with gluten intolerance or Coeliac Disease, it can seem that the dietary restrictions are daunting.  Perhaps looming large in the eyes of many is the fact that beer, stout, ale and lager are off the menu for the foreseeable future.  All is not lost however, as an increasing number of very acceptable gluten free beers are coming onto the market.

In the Coeliac Society’s information booklet, it advises that you can contact the state organisation and they will tell you which gluten free beers are available there.

This morning I rang Kit at a large retail outlet in Hobart.  He provided some interesting facts about gluten free beers.  He told me that that they have a shorter shelf life as they do not contain the regular preservatives.

Some beers have a lower gluten content but are not gluten free.  These include Heineken, Budweiser (which contain only 20 parts per million of gluten) and some pilsners.

Apparently the gluten free beers can be just slightly “fizzier” that traditional beers.

Some of the totally gluten free beers that are available in Australia are

  • O’Briens
  •  Billabong
  •  Schnitzer Brau (imported – slight lemon flavour)
  • Green Discovery (imported)
  • Estrella Daura
  • New Grist
  • Silly Yak (a nice play on words perhaps – Coeliac?)

Make enquiries at various outlets to see what is in stock.  So the future for a person with gluten intolerance is not all bad – there is still beer to be drunk without the side effects that plague the gluten intolerant.

One thought on “Gluten free Beer?

  1. Jill Dunham says:

    I have recently moved to the Huon Valley area of TAsmania and have not been able to locate a liquor outlet that sells Schnitzer Brau gluten free beer. Does anyone know of an outlet that does sell this beer in Hobart or anywhere in Tasmania please?



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