Pineapple Relish

Don’t often come across pineapples being a seasonal fruit in Tasmania though I know one or two brave people trying to grow them.  However, they are readily available in the fruit markets at present so have taken the time and expense to make some pineapple relish, which is delicious with ham or pork.  It’s also a great relish to serve in a bread roll with a hamburger.

I don’t like wastage of food, so I developed a recipe for pineapple cordial syrup made from the skins and cores.  It’s delicious with chilled water or soda water added, and is a great addition to a cocktail or cocktail (such as Blue Moon).

Here are the recipes for both:

Pineapple Relish

 1kg chopped fresh pineapple flesh

2 small onions, peeled and chopped

250g chopped red capsicum

2 teaspoons finely grated fresh green ginger root

Juice of one lime or lemon

1 red chilli, deseeded and chopped

2 cloves garlic, crushed

2 cups sugar

2 cups vinegar

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon mustard

1 teaspoon turmeric

1/4 cup vinegar (extra)

3 teaspoons cornflour

Place all ingredients (except the extra vinegar and cornflour) in a large pot.

Bring to the boil, stirring frequently, then reduce heat to medium and cook for one hour, stirring occasionally.

Mix together the extra vinegar and cornflour and stir some or all into the simmering relish if needed.  Cook for a further three minutes, stirring constantly.

Pour into sterilised bottles and seal immediately.

Pineapple Cordial Syrup

 1.5kg pineapple cores, peels  or a whole pineapple

2 cups water

Juice and rind 1 large lemon


2 teaspoons tartaric acid

Chop the pineapple roughly and place in food processor.  Process until the pieces are quite fine.  Pour into a saucepan with the water.  Bring to the boil and barely simmer for 15 minutes.

Strain though a colander, then the resulting liquid through a finer sieve, pressing down to extract maximum juice.  To each cup of liquid (there will probably be about 3 cups) add 1 cup of sugar.  Bring up to the boil and simmer one minute.  Remove from heat and stir in the lemon juice and rind, along with the tartaric acid.  Leave to cool.  Strain through a fine kitchen sieve, then pour into bottles.

To serve use one part syrup to 4 parts water.

In warmer climates or in summer keep in the fridge.

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