Tassievore Workshop

On March 10th a group of Tassievores came here for a cooking class.  “And just what is a Tassievore?” you may well ask.

Well, here is the answer from their website:

“The “Tassievores” – We are Tasmanians, who are challenging ourselves to reconnect with our local food supply and to support Tasmanian producers and businesses. Because cooking and eating food is a pleasurable part of each day, and we are lucky enough to live somewhere where the food is amazing, this seemed like a good place to start.”

The class of that Sunday March 10th was an incredible amount of fun, a mixture as it was of aspects of many of the cooking classes here at the school.  We made zucchini pickle, berry jam, a cordial made with mulberries, raspberries, rhubarb and hawthorn berries, bread, cakes, including our specialty of Mulberry Monkey Bun.  We bottled plums and made relish and plum sauce and more besides.

As far as was humanly possible, ingredients were sourced from within Tasmania, including the exquisite Ashgrove cream, milk and butter.

The Tassievore group, associated with Sustainable Living Tasmania, are undertaking the Tassievore eat local challenge, encouraging others to join them.

“so for 6 months we are committing (at whatever level is achievable) to increase our consumption of Tasmanian food, share our stories and hopefully inspire others to join us.”

How will they do this?  Again in their own words,

“Coordinated by Sustainable Living Tasmania, the challenge began in November 2012 and runs for a period of 6 months.  There are a myriad of ways that you can take the Challenge.  We have a variety of people involved in the Challenge and they will each be tailoring it to suit their lifestyles. From going all the way and eating almost exclusively Tasmanian food for the duration of the challenge, to setting one day a week aside for eating Tasmanian or just committing to shop at Tasmanian owned businesses and/or preference Tasmanian food where possible.  We are simply looking for people to challenge themselves to do more than they are currently doing to support Tasmanian farmers, producers and businesses and to live locally.”

All photographs are courtesy of Lissa, Sustainable Living Tasmania

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