Autumn produce and preserves

Generous friends and neighbours we have here in the valley – over the last couple of days this is what we have been given by way of fresh, organic, seasonal produce.

Apples and quinces

Pumpkins and zucchinis

Looks like we’re going to be busy preserving and hopefully making some cider. Quince and apples diced and preserved in syrup or even water (Fowlers or water bath style) make excellent fillings for pies and strudels. Of course there will be quince jelly as well, pumpkin chutney….. Any other suggestions gratefully received, especially for the zucchini. I’ve dehydrated many from our garden, both as slices and as powder to ad to soups etc, and of course pickle, but some new ideas would be great.

I might also make some wine jelly with the apples, great to serve with venison or other game meats.

Today I’ll also be making a mammoth batch of raspberry snowballs so there will be plenty available on the roadside stall here this week.

2 thoughts on “Autumn produce and preserves

  1. Gwenda says:

    How about old-fashioned marrow and ginger jam (or marrow and pineapple etc)? It’s also an ingredient in Charmaine Solomon’s Sri Lankan Christmas cake, so I once made it just for that.


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