150th anniversary of the Salmon Ponds

It was an excellent weekend at the Salmon Ponds – what a beautiful place it is, iconic even. Its history is fascinating, the grounds beautifully maintained, the autumn colours spectacular, food in the cafe delicious. The event was extremely well organised, not the least feature of which was the fact that children catered to exceptionally well with not only free entry, but a free ice cream and fairy floss. In fact, family friendly in general with free entry.

The young Maypole dancers were amazing, mixing with the crowd and inviting young children to join in the fun with them. Musical performers were fantastic too.

Stephanie and I had a wonderful time speaking to all the people who visited our stalls.

Perhaps epitomising the happy ambience of the whole event was a group of young children playing amongst the falling autumn poplar leaves, tossing them in the air with sheer delight, in the game that children have played for hundreds of years.

Certainly the day emphasised that a trip to the Salmon Ponds is a must for anyone – local, Tasmanian from anywhere in our state, or tourist from afar.

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