I’ve had some people ask about our once-feral cat Tom as he’s seldom to be seen roaming the yard these days. I’m happy to report that he is still alive and well.
He used to greet people as they came to the cooking school, rolling over and over for pats on the tummy. However, these days inside the house seems to have greater appeal for him, asleep on our bed, snuggled down in the doona. He’s put on a tremendous amount of weight. When we first took him in, he was no bigger than a 9 months old kitten, despite the fact he was actually about 6 years old; now he weighs over 6 kilos.

Miss Rosie the kitten often takes his place as a meeter and greeter of visitors these days – she is the most affectionate, sweetest natured kitten I’ve ever known. The two of them are such good friends and each evening head out to chase moths and race up trees for an hour or two before settling down for a cuddle on my lap before bedtime.

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