Animal farm

The animals on this farm are a constant source of amusement, though maybe that’s not the right word for it. Our very obese dog Della spends every moment of the day trying to work out how to gain access to the chook yard so she can share their morning mash of hot bread, grain, vegetable peels and dripping. Slightly hindered but undeterred by a lovely new warm jacket, she tried to squeeze under the gate and became so entangled in it, almost strangling round her ample middle, that it had to be cut off her. It was ruined of course.

Now she paces by the hour, back and forth, in a vain attempt to get in, now that every possible avenue has been barred with fencing, rocks etc.

We have a number of ducks here too. The new ducklings are fully grown now and amongst them has developed a terrible twosome – Miney and Mo, two females. They climb up on the front verandah (strictly forbidden) if their afternoon feed is late by their standards, and this morning I spent over an hour trying to get them off the roof. They just peered at me over the edge as if it were a great joke. All of this to the tune of Doris the sheep, bellowing because she wanted a treat of a silver beet leaf or more. To describe this place as a funny farm is really quite apt I fear.

Miney and Mo, demanding their afternoon feed

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