This week I’ve been given some more cumquats. The last batch I turned into cordial – well, a goodly number of them. One of the people who came to the cooking class said why not just puree them in 500g batches, then freeze in readiness for making cordial anytime during the year. My goodness I get some good tips along the way. So logical, but it had never occurred to me.

This latest bucketful I am cooking in a sugar syrup. These are delicious, believe it or not, served with blue cheese. I recently tasted a goat blue cheese and these cumquats would be a perfect accompaniment. I rather fancy some rye bread with that, so I am trialling a recipe I’ve put together this morning.

I’ll put the recipe up for both later in the day or tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s photo of the cumquats simmering gently in the syrup.

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