Mist in the valley

I love to watch the mist creep up into this end of the valley in the mornings. We’ve had some variations in weather already today to be sure – heavy rain, then fog and now brilliant sunshine.

Meanwhile, I’m baking. This morning there will be rye/spelt bread and pull apart loaves (pizza or ham/cheese flavoured). White dough for the latter. All doughs this morning are enriched with free range eggs, seeing as the chooks and ducks are laying so well at present.

I’m about to bake plum and custard tartuffins also. Maybe a hint of lemon curd in there as well I think.

Everything will be available here on the stall at the gate from 10.30am today.

This afternoon? Plan is to take the outdoor bread oven Robert’s building to the next stage – it’s time for the upper concrete slab. Stephanie and Nat are coming to help us. I think Nat will drive the concrete mixer this time (I hope).There’s been considerable progress already since last I took photos. Will post more tomorrow.

Oh yes – forgot to mention that the little lamb is surviving. Think he’s getting a little nourishment from his mum but stalwartly refuses anything we try to give him. However, he is still toddling around and looking considerably better. Thank goodness.

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