The finished hop yeast bread

So here we are. Why am I so pleased to have this recipe and the fact that it worked so well you might ask? (It’s just bread after all).   It’s because olden-times recipes for yeast say to add some old yeast mixture (i.e. ready-made from a former batch) to get it moving. How can you do this when there is no original hop yeast recipe available? Now the dilemma is resolved.

I’ve learned a few things along the way, like DON’T drill a hole in the lid. We did this thinking to save the bottle from exploding, but as a consequence this morning the plant looked totally dead – obviously it likes to work in a confined space. I did a hasty re-feeding and within a couple of hours it was bubbling away again, thank goodness. Actually, when I unscrewed the lid a few minutes ago it went a little ballistic and tried to escape from the bottle. I think I might have to divide it in two.

So the overnight ferment went well, and the subsequent dough rose splendidly and baked even better. I am looking forward to tasting it this evening. The photos show all the action, including the finished loaves, one for us, and one for Mavis who so generously shared her recipe.

Overnight ferment

The risen dough

The baked loaves

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