Making goats cheese

Well today I decided to make cheese with a kit that our Courtney gave me a little while ago. Being lucky enough to have 7 litres of goats milk on hand, I’d decided upon making goat feta, chèvre frais and finally ricotta from the whey.

I didn’t quite realise that the feta would take so long, in the sense that it has to be held at 37 degrees C for at least 3 hours in total. That meant I had to stay with it, boring! Never mind, filled the time with baking a double batch of Anzacs as nibbles for the class here tomorrow. The elderflowers have finally broken their buds and so was able to start off a bucketful of sparkling elderflower.

The ricotta was a revelation – I used the whey from the cow’s milk labna that is hanging in the cooking school, as well as the whey from the goats feta. Robert tok over the stirring while it came up to temperature. No-one could say the yield of ricotta was huge, but it’s the real deal, looks and tastes amazing. The whey I will use in breads tomorrow.

Miss Rosie the kitten was well pleased too – she loved the goats milk, whereas she won’t touch cow’s milk unless it’s the very expensive lactose free kitten milk.

All in all, a very satisfying experimental day in the kitchen. I’ll admit it is a bit of a pity about the beans that didn’t get planted as I’d planned. Also a shame about the washing that is now drenched on the line – I was too engrossed in what I was doing before the thunderstorm struck. Oh well, as my Nan used to say, housework will always wait for you….

One thought on “Making goats cheese

  1. Gwen says:

    Re lactose-free milk – my cats and dogs enjoy the very cheap Coles brand of lactose-free milk (for human consumption) from the long-life milk section of the store.


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