Season’s abundance

Think we are pretty lucky to live here in Tasmania. The produce is coming in thick and fast from the garden – today made raspberry and redcurrant cordial, blackcurrant cordial and jelly,as well as sparkling raspberry drink.

Then there’s coconut ice, and rocky road made from scraps of leftover chocolate.

Robert picked kilos and kilos of berries from the berry patch this evening – raspberries and youngberries and HUGE gooseberries. As the photo shows, those gooseberries are all at least 5cm long, every one of them.

The flavour of all these berries is incredibly intense, unbelievably delicious.

There’s tubs of bacon curing too – plan to make a nice glaze once it’s done and then roast a piece of it, as well as using most for rashers to have with free range chook and duck eggs.

As I said, how fortunate we are.

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