I’ve been having fun making cheeses recently, so thought I’d make some halloumi a few days ago. I didn’t have enough pasteurised milk on hand so made up the difference with UHT milk. I’d always wondered if that would work.

Not a good move, don’t try this. However, second attempt worked brilliantly. It tastes amazing – much better than the commercial variety. The yield from 4 litres of milk is about 550g. I’ll make ricotta from the whey today, and from that some little savoury spinach tarts for morning tea in the cooking class (Bottling) tomorrow.

Might even do a cheese-making class in the school soon as there are several that can be made within a few hours time-space. Watch for that in the new class schedule that I will be preparing later this week.

The photos are of the stage of boiling the halloumi curd. The next step was to salt it down, wait for it to cool and then fry in a little butter and olive oil. It disappeared in a flash – grandson Jacob liked it very much indeed.

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