Quail eggs!

Just look at these beautiful little things – quail eggs. I bought them from friend Jacki Niemann yesterday when she came to visit.

I’ve not had the luxury of working with them before so was not quite sure how to go about it. Thankfully Jacki was able to provide me with plenty of advice in that respect and so here are her tips for cooking serving and even preserving.

For a soft boil, immerse the eggs in barely simmering water and cook for 90 seconds exactly.

For hard boiled, bring to the boil (from immersing in cold water) and them boil for 3 to 4 minutes in total.

To peel the hard boiled eggs, roll on a hard surface so that the shell is all cracked, then start from the big end and slowly unravel the shell. It may help to use a little spoon – something like a sugar spoon.

If you want to pickle the hard boiled eggs, cover (shell on) with white vinegar for up to 12 hours; this dissolves out the calcium and makes them easy to peel.

Here are some serving suggestions:

Use to make Scotch Eggs

Seve fried on baguettes

They are a great accompaniment to potatoes are especially delicious lightly poached in soup – particularly an Asian style soup or Miso broth

And of course there is quail egg ravioli, to be featured in the upcoming pasta making class in the cooking school here. As the flavour of the eggs is quite delicate, it’s a good idea to add a little fresh herbs to the ravioli filling.

All great tips from Jacki who can, incidentally, be contacted on 0437789215 should you wish to buy any quail eggs, or they are available from the Bushy Park Market.

As for me, I’m off to pickle most of the ones I have here. Think I need to make some more cheese to go with them as well. Plus there is jam to be made for the stall at the gate – raspberry at the very least, and raspberry and rhubarb. Another day in paradise…

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