Good Day for Baking

What do you do when the weather turns chilly? And when there are bits and pieces of leftovers that need using up? Baking of course. The Anzac barrel was running on empty and now is almost full again.

IMG_1983Some white chocolate that was not-too-successfully melted a couple of weeks ago and was discarded in a bowl in the pantry, has been chopped up with some ageing glace cherries. I made up a recipe for white choc chip and cherry biscuits, that also included half a tin of condensed milk that was lurking in the fridge since last week.

This autumn weather also calls for a nice robust pumpkin fruit cake so that’s under way as well.

IMG_1984Not a bad morning so far. It’s certainly warmed up the house, as evidenced by Tom snuggled up in his bean bag. I wonder if he ever thinks about the years he spent fending for himself before he became king of the castle here.

IMG_1979This afternoon there are tomatoes to be processed. The ones in the photo are just today’s pickings so far. “They’ll never ripen” I thought a few days ago. Now I have more than I know what to do with. Dehydrate maybe? And bottle the rest for making into chutney later?

IMG_1985Of course I should be cleaning the house, but my old Nan used to say that housework will always wait for you. Sad but true. Maybe later this afternoon I will get to all that vacuuming, dusting and floor washing, ironing……what a bore.

MInd you, it is autumn, and the first of the quinces have come in. Maybe I’ll just make a little jelly before I get to all that …..


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