Autumn’s bounty

Here are just some examples of produce that is flowing through our door from this wonderful valley of abundance. The tomatoes that were disappointing for so long – well, we now pick about 3 bucketfuls a day.


Apples, pears and quinces in boxes cover the shed floor, awaiting juicing and bottling that will be undertaken tomorrow afternoon.

IMG_2037 The Preserves cooking class here in the morning will make good use of a lot of those tomatoes, and some of the quinces too. Just as well as many more quinces are arriving on Sunday.  Well need those to make quince paste over the next few days.

Today we’ve been picking crab-apples from nearby in the Derwent Valley, and they will make their way into jelly inevitably, but there’s plenty still to make a batch or two of sparkling crabapple (crabapple “champagne”).

IMG_0785In our garden there are also plenty of elderflowers to make “champagne” and cordial syrup.IMG_2029

The large bowlful of hawthorn berries we picked from down by the river a couple of days ago will make their way into hedgerow cordial, maybe even haw jelly.

IMG_2011The animals here are happy with autumn too, as Tom rolls over in the afternoon sun and mother hen takes her fat little chickens for a walk before their bed time.

IMG_2040IMG_2039The flowering trees and shrubs are also performing well in the pre-winter sunshine.IMG_2024

All in all, and definitely from my perspective, autumn is by far the best time of year.

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