Of apple cake and bees

One of the by-products from all the juicing yesterday was, of course, the pulp. Son-in-law Nat here shows a new version of ‘apple cake’.


Quite a bit of the pulp (a ute-full) served as dinner for some friends’ pigs.

Today the last barrowful is being visited by hundreds of bees and bumble bees. I would have expected wasps but there is barely one to be seen. The quince seems to be their fruit pulp of choice. Hope it helps them to get through the long, cold winter to come.

IMG_2166The final photo is of dear old beagle Della, who always love to join in, though she’s not over-smart, so she’s not too sure why.  She’s just happy to be with us.

I offered her some apple – her former owner told us repeatedly that she loved an apple a day. Well, not here. She knows that the freezer lives in the shed, and hidden within it are her favourite treats – marrow bones. The apple just doesn’t come close – her eyes always wander with great hope and expectation towards the freezer in the corner.


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