Autumn morning

Harsh life here on the farm this morning, not. It was absolutely idyllic with the mist hanging on the hillsides.


A short walk across the paddocks was like watching a mini play in motion. Truffles the kitten who loves to chase the chickens, was attacked by mother hen, which she throughly deserved, and ran for comfort up her favourite tree.

Terry the rooster is a much happier chap these days. He and Jethro seem to have sorted out their differences and have divided the hens between them. Terry still comes to chat with us each morning however. He seems to remember how Robert nursed him back to health after the beating up he received from Jethro some months ago.

IMG_2171Doris the sheep is always happy to see me, though of course it’s food motivated. Already as fat as butter from the lush grass, she nevertheless has polished off a good portion of fresh cabbage leaves and an apple.

IMG_2178The ducks were relishing the warmth of the sunshine and are taking an extended bath.

IMG_2172And always Della, our faithful hound, following along beside me. She was very frisky this morning, running around like a puppy, wagging her tail for all she’s worth.

IMG_2181All of this to the wonderful backdrop of the paddocks with the morning dew, and the hillsides with that mist swirling through the trees. These trees of course are a picture unto themselves with all the wonderful autumn hues.

And then the day just got better – some of the family came to visit so there was the excuse to spice up and slow roast a large leg of pork that formed the basis of our dinner.

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