Gardening – down came the rain

Well, that’s the end of the gardening for today, rain – just when I was feeling so virtuous. I did learn a thing or two though while I was weeding the blackcurrants.

Mother hen (Millie) brought her brood over to see what I was doing. She always follows me when I’m digging, hoping that I will find corbi grubs to throw to her.

Today when I did this, she held the grub in her beak and called to her chicks, then gave them one each in turn. Amazing. They learned very quickly how to dig through the freshly turned earth to find these treats for themselves. In fact they scurried in and out and around my boots, fearless of the hoe in my hand.

Millie is such a protective, nurturing mother. She fought off a marauding duck who invited itself to the corbi grub party. And of course she will always chase away mischievous kitten Truffles.

She’s a strict disciplinarian too. There are obviously a couple of male chicks amongst her brood, and they are beginning to squabble. I watched her go over to them and give them a good sorting out. They certainly didn’t argue with her.

And speaking of corbi grubs, I learned today that they burrow into the centre of the roots of the grass and weeds.

It’s ages since I’ve ben able to spend so much time in the garden – I din’t realise how much I was missing.

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