Grape Picking in the Valley in Autumn

This morning Stephanie, granddaughter Charly and I went to Derwent Estate Vineyard to pick some of the gleanings from the grape harvest.

The morning could not have been more idyllic – brilliant sunshine with the vineyard resplendent with the leaves of the grapevines changing with the onset of autumn.

As we picked the riesling, pinot gris and pinot noir varieties, many birds flew overhead, obviously displeased at our stealing their feast. If their noise was anything to judge by, they were very annoyed indeed.  However, they needn’t have worried – there was plenty for all of us.


Eventually with containers and jam pans loaded, we drove to the top of the hill and looked back down over the vineyards and Derwent River. Simply spectacular.


I am sure this valley has to be one of the prettiest and most productive on the face of the earth.

Trevor and Pat Hannigan own the property, and apparently it has been in Pat’s family for over 102 years.

It’s certainly worth a visit to their cellar door right now to capture the wonderful scenery of autumn in the valley at its very best.


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