Foggy morning on the farm

Bit foggy here on the farm this morning, a very pretty sight.IMG_0845IMG_0851

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks one way and another. I’ve been up to the north of the state for book signings in Launceston and Burnie, then home again for an especially busy spell. Just coming back down to some sort of sanity again now.

Truffles the kitten has not been perturbed by all the activity as you can see.

IMG_0843 And finally Tom and Rosie have sorted out how to share the old bean bag. It’s taken several months, a really good barney or two and a very cold morning, but they seem to be at peace with it, at least for now. Rosie hates to be cold and so has stood her ground on this one – Tom got quite a shock as she is usually the gentlest of creatures.

IMG_0847In and amongst everything else, I’ve been able to make jam with the last of the maiden fruit raspberries from Westerway Raspberry Farm. I also trialled a pinot grape Worcestershire sauce, which has a really interesting flavour.

In my absence, Robert has picked what seems to be a ton of green tomatoes, and the woodshed is lined with tomato bushes in late fruit, hanging upside down, slowly ripening. Looks like there’s a bit more chutney and relish to be made yet then.

IMG_0855IMG_0850And so today it’s back to work proper, time to get to the jam pans once more. Perfect day for it I think.

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