Olive oil and more

No-one could say it’s as a day of rest in our household today. First thing this frosty morning was a gluten free class in the cooking school. Lovely, lovely ladies who came along.
Immediately after the class the space was turned into an olive oil extracting plant.

One of Stephanie and Nat’s olive trees produced over 30 kilos of olives. Next step – extract the oil.

IMG_0880The mega mincer was employed to break up the olives, then the two Kitchen Aids to ‘malax’ the mixture.


Nat then adapted his 20 ton hydraulic press to finally extract the oil. It’s quite a process but looks like the end result is going to be great.

IMG_0895IMG_0897IMG_0905IMG_0907Meanwhile, Robert was bottling off his latest brew of beer.


And Carmichael, the slow combustion stove, is roasting for our dinner a delicious leg of Derwent Valley lamb, while chunks of north-west coast pumpkin, a gift from a friend, are about to be baked on the top shelf.

IMG_0900Just the sort of day I like!

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