The dregs of autumn produce

There have been lots of bits and pieces needing attention in our kitchen, and supplies are getting low of some preserves. There were for instance, the last of our tomatoes that simply will not ripen, so this is end of run (sob) for the year. The very last scrappy stragglers have gone the way of green tomato pickle, which is fine really as I had none left in the pantry.

IMG_0917A generous friend up in the north-west brought us some beautiful little pumpkins – about 1.4 kilos each. I’ll be filling and roasting one of these for dinner tonight. I think a nice lamb and rosemary stuffing would be very acceptable.

IMG_0914Limes and lemons have gone into their respective cordials. Elderflowers are still plentiful, so there are two batches of sparkling elderflower on the go.

That just leaves oranges. I made a cake from some of them, with a new topping. Robert dislikes icing, so made an orange and honey glaze. I can post the recipe if anyone would like it.  The remaining oranges will go into marmalade. I need some of that too, to glaze a piece of corned silverside that I will be cooking for tomorrow’s lunch.


And meanwhile Tom enjoys a smooch on the couch on this chilly winter morning.


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