Marjorie’s Sassafras Beer

Marjorie rang in this recipe for Sassafras Beer during the ABC talkback segment this morning:

Marjorie’s Sassafras Beer

 1¾ lbs sugar

2 oz whole ginger, bruised

½ oz hops

2 oz sassafras bark (must be Black Heart Sassafras)

2 r 3 apples

2 gallons water

Boil al together until the hops sink to the bottom. Strain through muslin and leave until nearly cold.

Add 2 tablespoons yeast. Bottle next morning.

For the Yeast (Ada Dunbabbin)

 Boil 1oz hops with two quarts of water for 30 minutes.

Boil 1½lbs potatoes and add to the water when cool. Add half a handful of salt, ¼lb sugar and ½lb flour.

When fermented, bottle.

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