Cheese Making Class

Lots of fun in the cheese making class here today. Before everyone arrived, I trialled some kefir muffins with apricots and lime. That was to accompany coffee before we started.  (Here they are just before baking)

IMG_2673Haloumi. Mozarella, Ricotta 2 ways, Paneer, Labna and more were on the list of cheeses to be prepared.


By way of eatables and to keep up our strength (!) we shared kefir scones with jam and cream and then, with some of the homemade cheeses, made spanakopita. It’s amazing how much extra flavour there is in that simple dish just throughout he inclusion of homemade cheeses and silver beet picked fresh from the garden.


Trevor suggested we might coat the Halloumi with egg and breadcrumbs and fry it in a little olive oil. Oh my goodness, that was so delicious, especially with homemade sweet chilli sauce. Excellent idea Trevor!


Great Tasmanian milk from Ashgrove ensured excellent results all round and fantastic company made the day thoroughly enjoyable.

Best of all, Stephanie and I get to do it all again on Saturday!

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