Beetroot Chilli Relish

Busy-ish morning. Out in the cooking school early experimenting with a recipe for beetroot and chilli relish/sauce. I plan to serve it with smoked salmon, perhaps even mix a little into Labna or cream cheese.

It’s not a bad environment to work in I have to say. The outlook on the garden is pretty nice with the trees and raspberry canes all coming into full leaf and bud.

IMG_2740Now I know that this photo of the grated beetroot is not the best, but it looked so wonderful glistening in the early morning sun that I just had to try to capture it.

IMG_2736Labna was on the go too, as well as an experimental Seville Orange Cordial.
The cordial syrup turned out very well indeed – I suspected it might be a bit tart, but it is really delicious, and in my opinion far more versatile than the marmalade.

IMG_2737IMG_2738IMG_2742And then to mowing, and now to cleaning, that sad necessity that I loathe so much. Why can’t I just cook all day, every day?

Incidentally, if the beetroot relish is well received, I will post the recipe on Monday.

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