And then there were trout

AND so … meanwhile in the cooking school kitchen, the bagels are baked, along with the loaf of bread of the day.

IMG_1213The exciting thing however, is the trout – after it had been salted down for a few hours, chunks of the cooked fish are layered with lightly cooked onion, and then all is covered with a mild curry spiced vinegar, and just a little oil. It will be ready to eat in two days.

To serve with the bagels, I made a pate, well more a rillette texture really. The rest will go to make fish stock.


However, I just couldn’t bear to put that lovely shiny skin into the pot, so scraped any residual flesh from the back of each piece, salted them lightly, then baked them for a few minutes. Fish crackling. I have great plans for some of this – it won’t remain in its current form.

IMG_1221As for the residual pieces of trout – after the stock has simmered for about 20 minutes (any more will make fish stock cloudy), then the scraps of fish will be strained out and go into the chook pot. They LOVE anything fish flavoured in their morning mash.

IMG_1218The very little leftover trout from the roast of two days ago will tonight be made into a tasty mornay that I may well use to fill large vol-au-vent cases.

No-one could say those fish died in vain.

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