Treats from the kitchen as gifts

It’s been a busy few days with several cooking classes. We had some visitors too and just for the fun of it made pizza for lunch, amongst other things. Two of the girls were from Germany and made sauerkraut pizza, a traditional family dish. It may sound unusual, but it was totally delicious.

Yesterday was a class of Gifts from the Kitchen. Lots of delicious sweet treats were made. My personal favourite will always be honeycomb. It has to be bagged up quickly so that I’m not tempted to eat too much. However, there are inevitably a few pieces left over. Last time (after the confectionery class) I crunched it up to a powder in the food processor, and then used it as the sweetener for home made ice cream. I leave you to imagine how good that was.

IMG_1238A couple of years ago an ABC listener rang in their recipe for fruit mince muffins – very easy and it saves the trouble of rolling out pastry as you must do to make traditional fruit mince tarts.

Tomorrow is a sausage making class – for morning tea there will be this redcurrant cream slice. The red currants come from Stephanie’s garden, so are as fresh as can be. The base is a sweet shortcrust pastry and then there’s the middle layer.

Now instead of cream cheese I wanted to use homemade labna. It will give that little extra ‘bite’ I think, not too sweet. Hope they like it.

Leftovers from the Gifts class included set white chocolate, red glace cherries, dark choc dots and about one third of a cup of fruit mince. Made all of these into a new biscuit – have to say they taste pretty good. If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I’ll type it up and post it. They taste very Christmas-sy.


And so, after a week of catching up on paperwork, in and around classes, I can now go back to the kitchen and experiment to my heart’s content.

The following photos show some of the other things made in the class of yesterday – rocky road (the Christmas wreath is made of this as well), two types of fudge, mini Christmas puddings, coconut ice ( a bit garish with its red and green colouring, but very appropriate to the season), raspberry liqueur and a range of little shortbreads. There were other things too – nutty butter balls for instance, all gone now.



The labna is there too, the last of it that didn’t go into the slice, now duly balled and bottled.

And so …. ready for another busy day in the kitchen tomorrow with Stephanie and Nat’s sausage making and whatever else we decide to make and bake. I wouldn’t have it any other way..

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