Pickling Green Walnuts

For anyone who plans to make pickled walnuts, right now is the time to be picking them. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to pick several kilos this morning, from a lovely lady’s garden in New Norfolk.

IMG_1260This afternoon we will be pricking them all over, before brining for several days. We will make the sourer variety and also the sweet. It’s such a luxury to be able to do this again – we’ve not been able to get green walnuts for years.

As I said, the walnuts need to be picked now, absolutely no later than New Years Day. They can’t be pickled once the harder shell begins to form.
If you have a copy of “A Year in a Bottle” , or “Complete Preserves”, both recipes are in there.

Just a word of caution – when pricking the walnuts, do so with gloves on or your hands will be stained black for several days at least.  AND, if you should accidentally manage a pricking of your thumbs or fingers in the process, the staining will linger even longer.

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