Peace, purr-fect peace

What can you do on such a hot day when you’re forced to wear a fur coat? Go the the coolest bedroom in the house and set up residence. It’s rather unusual for all three of our cats to be together in one room so peaceably. Tom and Truffles get along well, except for the occasional biff under the ear that Tom dishes out, not in spite though, more like irritation, and Truffles take no offence.


Sweet little Rosie, or these days not so sweet in actuality, hates Truffles with a passion. She constantly lies in wait to beat her up. She delights in opportunities to ambush her, even hiding under the cat flap – when Truffles needs to go outside she stops her, and if she does let her pass, she won’t let her in again. Outside, poor Truffles is forever being chased up trees with Rosie in hot pursuit.

And so the price Rosie pays for her fractiousness is that she is not allowed by the other two to share the bed space today. She must instead sleep on the floor in front of the window where it’s not nearly so comfortable nor cool.


I am sure there will be (only figuratively I hope) blood on the carpet before the afternoon is out, but for the moment, an unusual and almost unnatural calm prevails.

(This place is a circus).

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