The prodigal Tom returns …

TOM IS BACK!!!!! He just came in through the cat flap. He is thin as the proverbial rake, and parched thirsty and ravenously hungry, but he’s here and that’s all that counts.

We are so relieved. For those who know his back story, or who might have met him here at the cooking school, you will know what a truly special cat he is and how much he means to us.

I have never heard him purr quite so loudly as he is at the moment, and he can’t get enough pats and cuddles. It seems he must have been locked in somewhere, under someone’s house or in a shed most likely. He’s a survivor to be sure.

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes and reassurances. We hope we have him with us for many more years to come.

One thought on “The prodigal Tom returns …

  1. Kath says:

    Glad to hear your wandering Tom has returned safe and sound. We know all to well the heartache caused when a beloved member of the family goes a wandering.


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