Chilly Day

Lots, lots, lots of paperwork to do, but meanwhile I’m at last, and at the same time, finishing off the green tomato chutney. Only trouble is that I’ve lost concentration and caught it twice. I wonder if the apricot jam’s 6 fork trick would work. I find this chutney is inclined to catch at the best of times.

IMG_1772It’s also time to bring out the slow cookers in force. Here are lovely quinces turned red after several hours in the slow cooker. All I did was place them in there with half a cup of water mixed with 1 cup of sugar. I did add a few pieces of crystallised ginger too, just for a change and because Robert likes ginger so much.

IMG_1771IMG_1773For good measure, and also for dinner – a pumpkin curry, just the thing for a chilly night. Couldn’t resist making and baking a lovely nutty wholemeal and spelt bread either, to go along with it.

IMG_1774If nothing else, the house smells jolly good – I just hope the aromas haven’t gone through to the bedroom wardrobes. It’s not nice to walk around town with clothes smelling like a pot of pickle.

And so back to the paperwork …..

One thought on “Chilly Day

  1. Isobel Piper says:

    Your work today looks delicious. I’ve knocked together a fontina cheese, bread and a hearty pumpkin soup. Pretty cold up here in the hills today too….


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