The Feathered Ladies’ Bounty

Thought I’d make a couple of pumpkin fruit cakes this evening. When I reached for the eggs, this is what I found.


Can you spot the duck’s egg? It’s actually the one on the right. The one in the middle is a chook’s egg, truly. The one on the left is a regular sized chook egg.

One of our feathered ladies is working very hard indeed. The egg was a double-yolker of course.

The chooks in fact are all working overtime – so many eggs here, full cartons all over the place – 6 dozen on the bench in the house, as many again in the fridge, and at least that number out in the cooking school.

Meanwhile outside fired-up Herman is glowing nicely in the dark, a lovely sight on a chilly spring evening. This is in readiness for some full-on baking sessions over the next few days ……


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